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I am a Digital Media Preditor (that's a portmanteau of Producer & Editor!) that can tackle big jobs and still focus on the little details.

I'm the Senior Editor for the nationally syndicated and Emmy award-winning television show Teen Kids News. Additionally, I'm a producer and designer for multiple websites across a range of industries, including specialties such as video streaming, news and reviews, product sales and membership clubs.

I take on interesting freelance jobs alongside my current job because I enjoy challenging new projects. Every gig makes me better at the next, so why not be constantly creating?

Most of my clients don't even realize the little things I nitpick about when I am producing their projects.


  • June 2005 – Present (Over 10 Years)

    Senior Preditor, Interactive and Traditional Digital Media, Alan Weiss Productions

    Extremely experienced Final Cut Pro producer and editor, capable of managing large projects. Developed a fast, complete, bit-to-bit solution for content acqusition, ingestion, templatable editing techniques, output format and resolution, encoding, uploading and distribution of an all digital show.

  • January 1999 – September 2001 (2 years 9 months)

    Executive Producer, scifi.com (now SyFy.com)

    Designed, developed and managed the online presence for Exposure, a short film showcase on The SciFi Channel.

  • August 1994 – December 1998 (4 years 5 months)

    Graphics Director, Inside Space, SciFi Channel (now SyFy)

    Designed original graphics, animations and performed segment producer and directorial tasks for Inside Space; a weekly space science news show on The SciFi Channel.

  • Brian's Belly


    Creator and webmaster for BriansBelly.com... a cornucopia of meaty, cheesy, frosty goodness.


  • Drink American


    Drink American focuses on American craft owned breweries in the United States.


  • Breathe and Eat

    websites, video

    Breath and Eat is a video program and membership website designed for Rochelle Rice.


  • Rochelle Rice


    Membership, sales and services website for speaker, author and educator Rochelle Rice.


  • Cadre Investigative Consultants


    Websites for the family of services from Cadre Investigative Consultants and Cadre Security Consultants.


  • Teen Kids News


    Emmy Award-Winning editor for the nationally syndicated Teen Kids News.


Honors & Awards


New York City based IRL, World Wide on the Web

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